Laura Zumbakyte foto

I'm Laura, and this is how I became a front-end engineer.

I liked most of the subjects at school, so it was hard for me to know what path I should take after my graduation. I ended up studying Financial and Actuarial mathematics at Vilnius University. After about two years, I stopped my studies because I couldn't see myself pursuing a career in this field - it just wasn't for me.

For as long as I remember, I enjoyed drawing. I wasn't a top-level artist, but creating something was giving me joy. I guess that's why I couldn't see myself just working with numbers at some bank or insurance company.

Then I got a suggestion to try myself out at coding. I finished 1-year web development course focused on Java. I liked it a lot, and I even was one of the top students! But I still felt that Java is not my language. In the same course, I also had an intro to front-end development, and that was where my heart was leaning toward. Finally, I could say I found my path.

In 2016, my front-end engineering career began! I started as an intern at CGTrader, and now, after growing and learning a lot, I'm a senior front-end engineer.

Today I can confidently say I have found a perfect career for myself! I can use my creative side and fulfill my need for visual expression while creating pixel-perfect UI, and I can also use my logical side while writing functional code.